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Our strategy

Abliva has a leading position in mitochondrial research and development. The company’s objective is to design pharmaceuticals that preserve the integrity and function of mitochondria for indications where there is a great unmet medical need. Drug development is a comprehensive and carefully regulated process. By working with different partners, Abliva strives to make this process as flexible, cost-effective and successful as possible.

Two principle paths

Abliva’s aim is to help patients who currently have few or no treatment options. The company’s business model consists of two parts: the first one involves the development of drugs for rare diseases, and the second one includes the development of mitochondrial drugs for commonly occurring diseases.

Development to the market
Development of drugs for rare diseases is done through preclinical and clinical development to market, with or without partners. Abliva’s ambition is that these drugs shall be classified as orphan drugs.

Outlicensing in pre-clinical phase
For commonly occurring diseases with high commercial potential, where the clinical studies are very extensive and costly, Abliva’s objective is to outlicense the projects in late preclinical phase.

Value creation with limited cost and risk

The diversified project portfolio allows the company to take orphan drugs to the market comparatively quickly, and at a limited cost and risk. At the same time, innovation in common diseases can be industrialized and value created through outlicensing and partnerships.