Abliva AB Year-End Report January – December 2020

2020 summary

KL1333 on its way to registrational Phase 2/3 study⎢Ellen Donnelly appointed new CEO of Abliva.

Important events during 2020


  • Positive feedback from the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) and the UK MHRA, on the clinical development plan.
  • Decision to conduct a cohesive registrational Phase 2/3 study starting in the second half of 2021.
  • The first patients in the Phase 1a/b clinical study were dosed.
  • The first healthy volunteers in the drug-drug interaction study (DDI study) were dosed.


  • Preclinical pharmacology and safety studies entered the final phase.

Strategy and communications

  • Change of company name to Abliva (formerly NeuroVive Pharmaceutical).
  • Virtual Capital Markets Day in June.
  • Mitochondria Day in September.


  • Directed issue of SEK 20 million to Nordic life science investor Hadean Ventures in June. Dr Roger Franklin, partner at Hadean Ventures was elected as Director of Abliva’s Board.
  • A preferential rights issue in May raised approximately SEK 67 million before deduction of issue costs.


  • Magnus Persson left the Board of Directors to focus on his role as founding partner in Eir Ventures.

Important events after the reporting period

  • Ellen Donnelly was appointed new CEO February 3, 2021.
  • The license agreement with Fortify Therapeutics, regarding a development of a local treatment for Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON), was terminated.
  • KL1333 phase 1b – seven out of eight patients have been dosed.
  • New date for the Annual General Meeting – 20 May 2021.

Financial information

October-December 2020*

  • Net revenues: KSEK 112 (49)
  • Other operating income: KSEK 1,602 (1,000)
  • Loss before tax: KSEK 13,067 (27,112)
  • Loss per share: SEK 0.04 (0.15)
  • Diluted loss per share: SEK 0.04 (0.15)

January-December 2020

  • Net revenues: KSEK 216 (134)
  • Other operating income: KSEK 1,648 (3,500)
  • Loss before tax: KSEK 59,994 (77,000)
  • Loss per share: SEK 0.24 (0.45)
  • Diluted loss per share: SEK 0.24 (0.45)

* APM Alternative perfomance measures, see definition on page 20.

The complete Year-End report is available for download below and through the Company’s website www.abliva.com