NeuroVive starts Investor Relations Partnership with Laika Consulting

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ) has initiated a collaboration within investor relations communication with Laika Consulting, a company that specializes in helping companies and other entities with their financial communication.

The collaboration will start immediately and signals the beginning of an investor relations program to create a better and clearer dialogue with NeuroVive´s shareholders and the equity market at large. The first step will be to conduct a survey with NeuroVive´s over 2 500 shareholders and compile valuable suggestions for the future work at hand.

“NeuroVive is at a very interesting stage, and I am really looking forward to the rest of this year. It feels like a natural step to start this collaboration with Laika Consulting to strengthen our communication, and at the same time make it possible for me to focus on the day to day daily running of the business”, says Mikael Bronnegard, CEO of NeuroVive.

“I am very excited to accept the challenge to take NeuroVive´s Investor Relations communication to a whole new level. Our nine years of experience with financial communication, especially within the financial business, makes me certain that we are the right collaboration partner for this assignment”, says Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO of Laika Consulting.

To achieve a faster response time on questions from shareholders, media and other interested parties, the following dedicated IR channels have been created:

Tel: +46 (0)46-275 62 21 and

You can also contact any of the following persons for more information:

Mikael Bronnegard, CEO NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ)

Telephone:+46 (0)46-275 62 20, Email:

Ingmar Rentzhog, CEO Laika Consulting AB

Telephone: +46(0)8-440 82 42, Email:

About NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ)

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB, a leading mitochondrial medicine company, is developing a portfolio of products to treat acute cardiovascular and neurological conditions through mitochondrial protection. NeuroVive´s product portfolio contains drug candidates developed to prevent the death of mitochondria in distressed cells and the subsequent cascade of intracellular biochemical events that lead to secondary tissue damage following an acute cardiac or traumatic brain injury. NeuroVive is also working on several other projects aimed at cellular protection and the treatment of mitochondria-related energy regulation disorders.

About Laika Consulting

Laika Consulting is one of Sweden’s largest independent communication companies within the financial business. Laika consists of established experts on financial communication for both financial and listed companies, and acts as a natural link between its clients and their customers and shareholders. Laika is regularly commissioned by banks, insurance companies, capital managers, financial advisors and listed companies in need of financial communication.

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