Expanded access policy

Introduction and definitions

Participation in clinical trials is the most common method to get access to investigational medicinal products that are not approved. Clinical trial participants are closely monitored as part of the clinical trial. Clinical trials participation also contributes to improved scientific understanding of the investigated diseases and medicinal products and can therefore lead to approval of new future medicines.

For more information about clinical trials please see ClinicalTrials.gov.

Expanded access, which also is called compassionate use, is the provision of unapproved investigational medicinal products to patients with serious or life-threatening conditions, who do not qualify for clinical trials on an individual basis.

Abliva’s expanded access policy

Abliva is currently not actively running any expanded access programs. The reasons for this include the nature of the diseases for which Abliva is developing drugs as well as the early stage of development of these products, as outlined below.

NeuroSTAT: This investigational medicinal product is intended as treatment in the acute phase (within hours) following a traumatic brain injury, which requires that the product is available at the time of arrival to the hospital. Individual requests for expanded access is thus not possible.

Mitochondrial disease products: These investigational medicinal products are currently in early clinical development or non-clinical development and therefore not enough information is currently available to enable expanded access.