NeuroVive’s R&D Team to Present Research Progress at Mitochondrial Medicine Conference

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ), the pioneers in mitochondrial medicine, will present important research findings together with researchers at Lund University in three scientific poster presentations at the conference entitled “Mitochondrial Medicine: Developing New Treatments for Mitochondrial Disease” being held 4-6 May 2016 in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

The three scientific contributions submitted by the NeuroVive and Lund University research team have been accepted for poster presentation at the upcoming mitochondrial conference where global mitochondrial experts will be gathered. The posters focus on different aspects of mitochondrial disorders research and two of them are directly related to NeuroVive’s discovery platform NVP015 which has the overall goal to generate novel drug candidates that target mitochondrial energy regulation in a number of orphan diseases associated with complex I deficiency.

The research that will be presented next week focuses on the role of NeuroVive’s succinate prodrug candidates in mitochondrial respiration, potential value of platelet respirometry in diagnosing mitochondrial disease and the role of mitochondrial energy substrates as a new treatment strategy in patients with MALA (Metformin-Associated Lactic Acidosis). Further, it is also demonstrated that the prodrug strategy used for succinate also can be applied to other selected mitochondrial substrates/intermediates. The research was conducted by NeuroVive’s scientific research team, including Sarah Piel and Johannes K. Ehinger and academic researchers from Lund University.

“We are very pleased that our team will present findings from different areas of our research as this demonstrates the breadth of our mitochondrial research expertise. We have been making good progress and to be able to share and discuss our findings with other mitochondrial disease experts and key opinion leaders is a fantastic opportunity. This interaction is important as we continue to develop our exiting projects towards becoming medicines in orphan disease areas where alternative treatments are very much needed. ” said Dr. Eskil Elmér, Chief Scientific Officer at NeuroVive. 

About NeuroVive’s Complex I Deficiency discovery program
This discovery platform is based on an idea by NeuroVive co-founder Dr. Eskil Elmér and collaborators to create a cell permeable pro-drug of the endogenous energy substrate succinate. Successful delivery will make succinate available to complex II in the respiratory chain supporting production of energy-carrying ATP molecules in spite of complex I disorders. A successful candidate from this discovery program in paediatric mitochondrial disorders would classify as an orphan drug.

For further information regarding NeuroVive’s first and second generation of succinate prodrugs, see the following published patent applications:  

About NeuroVive
NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ) is a pioneer in mitochondrial medicine and a company committed to the discovery and development of highly targeted candidates that preserve mitochondrial integrity and function in areas of significant therapeutic need. NeuroVive’s business approach is driven by value-adding partnerships with mitochondrial research institutions and commercial partners across the globe. NeuroVive’s portfolio consists of two clinical projects in acute kidney injury (AKI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) with candidates in clinical and preclinical development and two drug discovery platforms. The NeuroSTAT® product has orphan drug status in Europe and in the US for treatment of moderate to severe traumatic brain injury and is currently being evaluated in a study, CHIC. Ciclosporin (CicloMulsion®) is being evaluated in an on-going study, CiPRICS, in acute kidney injury during major surgery. NeuroVive’s shares are listed on Nasdaq, Stockholm, Sweden.

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