Abliva AB Interim Report January – March 2023

Patient screening ongoing in the FALCON study | Orphan Drug Designation for NV354

First Quarter Summary

Important events January — March 2023

  • Abliva appointed Dag Nesse as Vice President of Clinical Operations. Mr. Nesse has joined the company’s management team.
  • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a composition of matter patent for the NV354 compound.
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting was held on March 8.

Important events after the reporting period

Financial information

January-March 2023*

  • Net revenues: SEK 0 (0)
  • Other operating income: SEK 1,055,000 (0)
  • Loss before tax: SEK 16,092,000 (22,028,000)
  • Loss per share before dilution: SEK 0.02 (0.05)
  • Diluted loss per share: SEK 0.02 (0.05)

* APM Alternative performance measures, see definition on page 20.

The complete Interim report is available for download below and through Abliva’s website www.abliva.com.