NeuroVive announces the intention to raise additional capital through a private placement

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ) (”NeuroVive” or the “Company”, OMX:NVP) today announces that the Company intends to raise new equity through a private placement directed towards qualified institutional investors. The Company intends to effect the private placement at a share volume and a price per share to be determined through an accelerated bookbuilding process. The Board of Directors will disapply the preferential subscription rights of existing shareholders in connection with the intended capital increase, which will take place within the limits of the authorization from the Annual General Meeting on March 30, 2015.The bookbuilding process will end before the commencement of trading on Nasdaq Stockholm on May 8, 2015.

The proceeds from the private placement will primarily be used for the preparation of CicloMulsion®’s clinical trial in the US and commercialization in Europe. A minor share of the proceeds will be allocated to the pre-clinical program for NVP019 and preparing for the first human dose.

The reasons for the deviation from the shareholders’ pre-emptive rights are that the Board of the Company deems it beneficial for the Company and the shareholders to expand the Company´s institutional and international shareholder base but also to capitalize on the opportunity to raise new capital on for the Company favorable terms.

The Company will announce the results of the placing as soon as possible after closing of the bookbuilding.

About NeuroVive
NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB (publ), the mitochondrial medicine company, is developing a portfolio of products to treat acute cardiovascular and neurological conditions through mitochondrial protection. These medical conditions are characterized by a pressing medical need and have no approved pharmaceutical treatment options at present. NeuroVive’s products CicloMulsion® (myocardial infarct) and NeuroSTAT® (traumatic brain injury) are currently being evaluated in phase III and phase II studies, respectively. NeuroVive’s research programs also include development of treatments against brain injury in stroke patients, and drug substances for cellular protection and treatment of mitochondrial disorders causing energy deficiency. NeuroVive’s shares are listed on Nasdaq, Stockholm, Sweden.

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It is also possible to arrange an interview with NeuroVive’s COO Jan Nilsson that is in charge of the transaction or CEO Mikael Brönnegård at the above contact.

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