World Mitochondrial Disease Week 2023

World Mitochondrial Disease Week 2023 takes place on September 18 – 24, this year with the theme: fatigue. The week aims to increase global awareness and understanding of the disease.

During the week, Abliva will publish videos focused on the disease, the important role that patients play in drug development, and the company’s own drug development programs, including the ongoing FALCON study. 

Starting 18 September, Abliva’s videos will be posted daily on YouTube, LinkedIn, and below.

18 Sep:  Abliva participates in World Mitochondrial Disease Week 2023

Primary mitochondrial disease and NAD+/NADH

19 Sep:  Designing Therapies for Mitochondrial Disease: About Abliva’s NV354

20 Sep:  Living with Mitochondrial Disease: Meet Daniela

21 Sep:  Introducing the FALCON study: Meet Dag Nesse – Abliva’s VP Clinical Operations

Abliva’s Lead Candidate KL1333

22 Sep: Participating in the FALCON study: Meet Fia Ence – Abliva’s Clinical Project Manager

23 Sep: Developing the PROMIS® Fatigue Mitochondrial Disease Short Form: Meet Magnus Hansson – Abliva’s Chief Medical Officer

24 Sep: Living with Mitochondrial Disease: Meet Roger