World Mitochondrial Disease Week 2021

World Mitochondrial Disease Week is an initiative of International Mito Patients (IMP). The purpose of the World Mitochondrial Disease Week is to raise awareness of mitochondrial disease (mito) on a global scale through educational, fundraising and advocacy activities. This year on 19 - 25 September.

Abliva participates in World Mitochondrial Disease Week through videos that will be focused on increasing the understanding of the community to rare disease development, and more specifically to the development of new therapies for primary mitochondrial diseases (PMDs). Over the week we will highlight the huge unmet medical need in the area and discuss Abliva’s own efforts to treat mitochondrial disease patients with our two clinical stage compounds. 

19 Sep:  Introducing Mitochondrial “Mito” Disease

20 Sep:  Designing Therapies for Mito Disease, and Abliva’s NV354

21 Sep: Living with Mito Disease

22 Sep: Drug Development in Mito Disease, and Abliva’s KL1333

23 Sep: Abliva’s upcoming Phase 2/3 study with KL1333

24 Sep: Developing Drugs in Rare Diseases – Orphan Drug Designation

25 Sep: Fatigue in Primary Mitochondrial Disease: Understanding The Patient Experience