Virtuellt KOL-event om KL1333 (hålls på engelska)

Join Abliva for a virtual KOL event featuring Amel Karaa, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital), who will discuss the unmet medical need and current treatment landscape for patients with primary mitochondrial disease. There are currently no approved medicines for the systemic disease. The event will focus on Abliva's lead program, KL1333, which has shown clinically meaningful, […]

Mito Med 2024

Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland, OH, United States

I slutet av juni kommer Abliva att medverka vid den amerikanska patientorganisationen UMDS:s Mitochondrial Disease Conference i Cleveland, Ohio. "Each year, UMDF’s Mitochondrial Medicine Conference brings together the best minds in mitochondrial medicine and the patients we serve. With over 700 attendees representing almost every state in the U.S. and more than 15 different countries, […]